Family’s Fall Tree Tips

     As I peered outside my office window this morning I was reminded that another growing season has so quickly passed. Here in Middle Tennessee, we have already enjoyed the majestic splendor of Autumn’s glory and now eagerly await the promise of winter’s first snow.

     Many of you may be thinking that the end of the growing season means that you can stop worrying about the trees on your property. Think again! Most tree care experts say that fall is one of the best times to examine the safety and health of your trees. Why? With the absence of foliage, the tree’s entire structural architecture is in clear view. Therefore deadwood is much easier to detect while making an assessment from the ground.

     Some homeowners worry that the arborist will not be able to determine deadwood on a tree when the leaves are off. On the contrary. A trained arborist, such as you’ll find at Family’s Tree Service Inc. can easily locate deadwood by looking for changes in bark color, fungus growth, cracks and other symptoms that will help them make this determination.

     Winter can usher in some pretty problematic weather such as heavy snow or ice accumulation. These accumulations can in turn cause structural failure to branches or sometimes entire trees. As a trained arborist I urge every homeowner who has not had their trees assessed by a tree care professional within the last 2 years to do so now. If you live in or around Sumner County, TN you may contact Rick  Decker at or reply to our post.

     Remember pruning is much more than just ”sawing off limbs.” Proper pruning is an art based on scientific principles of plant physiology. At its most basic level, pruning trees involves the removal of damaged, dead, or structurally weak limbs, which will improve the health of your trees and greatly reduce the chances of personal or property damage. Call or email us today to take advantage of our money saving ”Special Winter Rates”. Remember, a safe tree is a healthy tree.

     Winter is also a great time to settle back  in your favorite chair with a warm cup of hot cocoa and catch up on your reading. If you enjoy wholesome adventure stories might I suggest ”Ricky’s Adventures.” For a fun mini audio tour of this delightful book please visit

     Look for more from this author in the coming weeks.

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