For every tree there is a season…

The late fall and winter season is the ideal time of the year to trim, remove deadwood and prune, reduce size and to do crown reductions for any trees that need attention. Be prepared for the upcoming winter's storms by calling us today for a free consultation and assessment. A properly cared for tree is a healthy happy tree! (615) 452 3994 … [Read more...]

Are ”Scary” Trees Haunting Your Yard in Middle Tennessee this Halloween?

"For those of us who live in Middle Tennessee, the memory of last springs' fierce storms are still fresh in our minds. As an arborist performing tree assessments and estimates daily, I can assure you that there are plenty of trees out there that have been structurally compromised due to those storms,'' says owner, Rick Decker. In 2008 of September, a golfer was killed when a tree landed on his golf cart and yet another incident a golfer was killed when a branch of the giant gum tree she was … [Read more...]

A Roast and A Rake

A roast and a rake? What could the two possibly have in common? One might consider family tradition. There are many legends about the ritual of cutting the ends off the roast before it is put into the pan for which the explanation is, "That's the way my mother did it!' Only to find out upon further investigation that the real reason is because that's the only way it would fit into the pan! One of such customs could be the raking of leaves. When the lawns begin to be covered with various … [Read more...]

Active Spring Storm Season Predicted For Middle Tennessee

I was watching the weather channel the other night and wouldn't you know it, they are predicting an active spring storm season for middle Tennessee, as if we haven't had our share of bad weather this winter. We have posted several blogs on this site stating the importance of  proper tree pruning in the prevention of storm damage. With spring just around the corner, now is the time to prepare for that possibility. Trees in their dormant season are threat enough but with the emerging spring … [Read more...]

Middle Tennessee Ice Storm: Is One in our Forecast?

Listening to the weatherman forecasting a slight chance of ice accumulation I was reminded of the dreadful ice storm Middle Tennessee experienced back in the early spring of 1994. The phone just kept ringing. I barely had enough time to stir my coffee before another call for help came from a distraught client. Some were crying, seemingly terrified of the ice storm that was threatening Sumner County, our community, as well as other parts of our state. I had lost count as clients called with cries … [Read more...]

$ Winter Pruning Makes “Sense” and Saves “Cents” $

The celebration and memories of the holiday has just been packed away and our thoughts are turned toward the New Year as it is fast approaching. Even though there may still be snow and ice on the trees in Middle Tennessee this is the time to prepare for the upcoming spring bloom. Usually we don't begin to really think about the things outside until we see the first yellow daffidills begin to poke their little heads above the soil and the weather begins to warm but it makes perfect "sense'' and … [Read more...]

Family’s Fall Tree Tips

     As I peered outside my office window this morning I was reminded that another growing season has so quickly passed. Here in Middle Tennessee, we have already enjoyed the majestic splendor of Autumn's glory and now eagerly await the promise of winter's first snow.      Many of you may be thinking that the end of the growing season means that you can stop worrying about the trees on your property. Think again! Most tree care experts say that fall is one of the best times to examine the … [Read more...]

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