$ Winter Pruning Makes “Sense” and Saves “Cents” $

The celebration and memories of the holiday has just been packed away and our thoughts are turned toward the New Year as it is fast approaching. Even though there may still be snow and ice on the trees in Middle Tennessee this is the time to prepare for the upcoming spring bloom. Usually we don’t begin to really think about the things outside until we see the first yellow daffidills begin to poke their little heads above the soil and the weather begins to warm but it makes perfect “sense” and saves ”cents” to prune your trees and shrubs now. While the winter rates are still in effect you can save time and hard earned money while the trees benefit as well.  This is the ideal time to evaluate the tree’s architecture (structure) with the leaves off. Being able to view the entire tree helps the skilled tree professional make informed decisions for the tree’s health and longevity. Pruning during the dormant period minimizes the tree’s energy loss and subsequent stress to the tree. Winter pruning cuts way down on the risk of fungus/bacterial infections or insect infestations as these tree pests are likely to be in dormancy the same time as the tree. This is especially true of the so called “stress related” insects. Where there are challenges with winter pruning such as shorter work days and harsh weather, under the right conditions it can be a win for your trees, you the client and for the arborist. Take advantage and save with our winter rates now by calling us today. Offer good thru January. www.familystreeservice.com

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